Strategic Wine Programs

Enhance your guests experience and generate repeat business and invaluable word-of-mouth advertising. Build product knowledge and confidence among your staff to increase sales. Improve pricing and inventory management to maximize profitability.


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On-Premise Licensees
A Grape Affair Consulting Service can be a beneficial tool in any restaurant business. Whether or not you're looking to put more effort directly into your wine list itself doesn't matter. The extensive background and broad knowledge that you will receive can help you with making your choices more cost effective and service more efficient.

Here are a few areas you may benefit from hiring A Grape Affair

Inventory Control
Learn more about efficient ordering processes. How to manage your inventory on a weekly, monthly and annual level. How to take advantage of a brand that might be presented to you on sale, how to bring this in—even for a short amount of time—and benefit from the profitability.
Wine List Creation and Management
Focus on your wine choices and sales. How to benefit from the new wines that are presented to you and how to balance out your selection for your guest. Some guests are looking for something new and different and some are looking for the one they know they love.
Staff Training
It is vital in this industry that your staff be knowledgeable about all the items and products that you sell in your establishment. The more they know the more they sell. Staff training builds confidence, which builds sales. This puts money in YOUR pocket and their tips will reflect this as well.
Wine Dinners
A Grape Affair can help consult through the planning of a wine dinner or even be used to plan the dinner. Working with your Executive Chef, these special events are a way to keep excitement peaked for your regulars and a great way to build new clientele. Consult can include wine selection, quantity to order, food pairing consultation with your chef and we can even include some marketing suggestions.


Off-premise Licensees
A Grape Affair Consulting Service can be a vital part of your wine shop from 'pre' day one to 'post' opening. Opening a wine shop whether or not you are offering other items can be an overwhelming and rewarding experience. Perhaps adding on wine to your current items is your goal? What ever it may be, it can be helpful to either hire a consultant to help a little or a lot.

Here are a few areas you may benefit from hiring A Grape Affair

Inventory Set-Up
How many different countries, regions, grapes, blends, reds, whites [and so on] should you start with? How many bottles of each? Where are the price breaks? This task can be overwhelming and get out of control fast. A Grape Affair can effectively keep you in line with your budgets and what your goals are.
Inventory Cost Control Solutions
With this you can learn how and when to order more, if you even should order more of any given wine. You can learn how much mark up you should be adding which will give you your profitability and your cost control. How much of what level price point to have, what your market is and where you stand versus other price points for the same products.
Staff Training
The more your staff knows about the wines in your store, the more you will sell. You will gain credibility in your consumer if they know they can come to your establishment, ask questions and get a down to earth honest answer. This also builds sales and team confidence.
Wine Supplier Relations
This can help you build confidence with your suppliers. Sometimes you may not have time to meet with the people that you'd like to as there are so many new wines on a regular basis. You do however, want to have the latest options for your clientele. This service can help you with your time management and can help you make the right decisions based on your clients and what they are buying in your store.

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"We really enjoyed the tasting with Roz and I've received many comments from the other girls there that they thought it was a great idea and they enjoyed the wines. Thanks for working with our budget as best you could and suggesting some nice wines. I think I will buy a few of them again in the future."