A Grape Affair will design specialized tastings or workshops for your company to fit your schedule and your budget.

Please call (603.433.0160) or email for more information.


Interactive Wine Tasting Reception
A Grape Affair will create a unique wine experience highlighting wines that focus on your theme of choice. Your Wine Tasting Adventure will create an event to be remembered.


The wine adventure can be conducted as a reception only or we can create a wine team building game for your group. Wine tasting stations will be positioned in appropriate locations within your venue; each wine station will be staffed by an A Grape Affair educator who will provide tasting information, education and be available for questions. A Grape Affair wine educators will invite the guests to taste each of the wines. Our educators will be prepared to discuss each wine including the varietal, appellation and vintage; provide an overall vision of the varietal on a worldwide perspective; and answer. A Grape Affair's printed educational materials can be customized for your guests. We educate without intimidation.


Food & Wine Pairing Workshop
A Grape Affair educators will present a Food & Wine Pairing Adventure for your guests. The educators will discuss and demonstrate the secrets in selecting the perfect wines to complement the flavors of a meal.


In this workshop, your guests will taste a minimum of six different wines in the company of a variety of flavors and textures. The attendees will be presented the challenge of tasting and describing what happens to wines as they are paired with different food components. Your guests will discover which wines complement the flavors in food and why.


This workshop will enable your guests to develop the ability to taste the differences in wine and apply them to food pairing experiences.


Blind Tasting Team Building
A Grape Affair will present a varietal and Appellation wine reception as part of your event. A Grape Affair will create a customized workshop that will encourage interaction and foster cooperation within the group. The attendees will taste two different wines at each station. The varietals and country of origin for each wine will be concealed. Information on varietal characteristics and appellation characteristics will be provided in an easy to follow written and oral format. The guests will work together to discover the type and appellation for each wine.


Making "scents" of Wine
Have you ever wondered what is meant by wine descriptions such as Chardonnay with characteristics of melon and honey? Or Cabernet with leather and tobacco? In this unique tasting and learning experience, you will discover how to identify a wide range of aromas and flavors that naturally occur in fine wine. As a participant, you will work with a number of different elements as you explore the characteristics of at least five wine varieties. To enhance the experience and assure individualized attention, the number of participants is limited.


Appellation workshops
Knowledge of wine appellations and the style of wine that derives from the appellation can assist you in choosing the right wine to pair with a menu. You choose the region and we sniff, sip, and swirl our way through the wines of that area.

This workshop will empower you and assist you in making educated choices when selecting wines from a wine list or wine shop.