Wine Cellar


Do you have a wine cellar that needs to be updated, valued or filled?
Would you like to build a wine cellar but not sure how to get started? Do you just need a hand selecting wines for your next dinner party? Carla Snow can help with all your cellar needs. Call now for a free estimate.


Already have an existing cellar? After we inventory, organize and assess the value of your cellar I highly recommend The Uncorked Cellar ® to assist you with the everyday management of your wines. It will remind you when to drink that "hold" bottle and let you know when you need to buy more.


The Uncorked Cellar ® is the most comprehensive wine software and wine information source of its type available. Instantly access information on a wide range of wines, including wine aging information and wine notes provided by the wine maker. Manage the contents of your home wine collection. Easily add or select wines from your wine cellar with just a few keystrokes, and view the location of your wines in the virtual rack display. Compare your tasting experiences with winemaker's notes and record wine reviews. The Uncorked Cellar will easily capture, maintain and display your wine inventory complete with all related wine information. At a glance, you can select wines to drink now and find wines which will benefit from additional aging.


  • View wine notes using the supplied wine guide listing over 148,000 wines
  • Compare when each wine in your wine cellar will be best to drink
  • Estimate the approximate value of your wine cellar
  • Select the rack position for each bottle using the virtual wine rack
  • Allocate Wine Bottle Tags* to track your wine
  • Add or uncork a bottle of wine with the Barcode Reader*
  • Graph the contents of your wine cellar
  • Graph value, vintage, peak, wine variety, maturity & timeline
  • Show current stock or history
  • Contains a comprehensive and easy to use help
  • Includes Contents, Wine Terms & How Do I...
  • New Updates* available each year
  • Updates, wine tags and bar code scanner sold separately

It is all just for the love of wine.

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